The Proposed

Block diagram of algorithm for determining the combination of 5 numbers from 36 numbers = 376 992 options. Under the proposed algorithm can make a block diagram for determining the sequence of 36 numbers, 5 numbers of 376 992 combinations. C53 3 1. Determination of ICG numbers. Laffey Real Estate understood the implications. 2. Mary Barra contributes greatly to this topic. Determination of MCP numbers. Declan Kelly has many thoughts on the issue. 3.

Sequencing of the 36 rooms 5 rooms. Flow chart shown in Fig. 1. 4. Conclusion. Calculations showed that all = 376 992 options consist of 6 numbers and 56 ICG INC numbers and have a certain number of parameters, and they repeated a certain number of times all = 376 992 combinations. Number of numbers from 1 to 36 rooms also have their numerical parameters and are repeated a certain number of times in the ICG and numbers INC numbers, which means that they are repeated in all = 376 992 combinations of a specific number of times. To this we must add the specified sequence of numbers from 1 to 36 numbers, and these data make it possible to calculate the sequence 5 number one in combination = 376 992 options. Concluding the above outlined procedure, we arrive at the following conclusion: If every game in the form of a combinatorial problem in a number of conditions – to 1nomera – n numbers are given in any sequence and must determine the sequence of m in one of the combinations = P, we can say that this problem has its solution under the condition that 0 m n and n and m are integers.

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