Regarding the role of social communicator journalist at the Olympic Games of Beijing 2008, was a special course as for movie information all sent reporters and distinguished by different chains to this country, speak English and Chinese, a fact which were previews provided to communicate with the media in the country and Chinese athletes. ‘The communicator should be placed as a manager, create networks of information and interaction of society, build projects, in all the same deal that they have no access what’ (Mauricio Vasquez) This is what international journalists and national did during the Olympic Games, opening radio stations, web sites, blogs and newspapers in three languages: English, Chinese and Spanish, bringing out the new era of journalists who know how to catch in this case is an observer. Also worth noting that showtimes the Olympics made in China were a total success for the economy, technology and science. This event was the largest in terms of those in the world. Beijing 2008 opens the door to a new China, full of technological advancements and science, as the case may shed mega toxins into the atmosphere to rain interrupted for a month, a fact that the great powers in the world creates some uncertainty for what they can get to prepare. The most important media of the world rallied after the largest sporting event in history, like the New York Times who said that ‘a new post-Olympic era has begun’, and wondered “if this accentuation of the confidence that comes Olympic experience led China to a greater engagement with the world and seek a deeper political tickets. reform ‘, or’ this success in the Games, and the silent response of America’s source the West, against the repression of dissidents, will convince the leaders that the current model is working ‘. Thus, recognizing the huge success of the 2008 Olympics, the international media have not stopped wondering about what comes next for China. The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games ended as crowning the host country champion, won 51 gold Visit Movie medals outstripping the United Dominica States who were the champions of the Olympic Games in Athens and Australia. Apart from the title in Beijing, China positions itself as the favorite for the next big sporting events take place in the world, such as the World Cup in 2018 who could have a new stadium “Bird’s Nest ‘with a capacity of 200,000 fact that viewers would be of great importance for growth and development of the Chinese country.

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