The Society

The look on practical daily of the professors says that much is had that to move culturally, as well as the processes of formation of ours professors, so that they leave its preparatory courses bolder and compromised with the reconstruction and ressignificao of the knowledge. He has, also, that if to think with seriousness about the continued formation to consolidate new culture of the learning, as he affirms Pozo (2002). The article is divided in three sections. In the first one, we present conceptions of learning; in second, tematiza it formation of the professors in the Society of the Knowledge and in third is made analysis of the data gotten in the research, having given voice and outflow you say to them of the citizens, on the implications of the teaching formation in the pertaining to school performance of the learning. 1 REFLECTING ON LEARNING The learning occupies significant space in the production of the theoretical knowledge on education. To think the learning if constitutes current and urgent challenge in the measure where if the consolidation of the society of the knowledge hears voices of different directions proclaiming.

The learning is irmanada to the History of the Man, to its construction while to be social capable of confrontation and adaptation the new situations. Of the moment that if taught and learned, of form more or less elaborated and organized, they start to appear quarrels around the learning, with its study being more closely on to the development of Psychology while science. However, not if concordant uniform proceeds from form and. The study of the learning it was centered in different aspects, in accordance with diverse chains of Psychology, and with different perspectives that each one defended. Psychology if worried, excessively, with learning questions, however this quarrel extended other fields to it of knowing human being.

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