The Walls

To create a child a comfortable atmosphere for the baby and to please him, you can decorate the walls of funny pictures, wall posters. A another place toys, figurines and other small cute little things. But do not forget the place for games (which are so necessary for a small child!), Occupations, and storage. Furniture baby furniture in the basic elements of child are a bed, wardrobe, desk, chair, open shelves or racks. To fill the extra room furniture is not worth it, it is necessary that there was enough space and air and space to play.

As the child grows up in room also is changing – changing furniture, lighting, decor, and at an older age is possible to replace the whole design space. Experts believe that allocate their own room after the child needs to achieve of two years of age. To make the nursery a warm and personal, maximum use of square footage should be used in a variety of interior design and dimensions of the shelves, add-ins, add-ons to your existing furniture. Children's furniture – products Children's Furniture more shall comply with environmental, safety, and be strong. Therefore, the materials for its production are increased requirements. It is very important to ensure the safety of the child in the nursery. Always pay attention to production quality, accessories, materials, joints when choosing children's furniture. Remember that the main requirement to furniture is its environmental friendliness, as well as the use of friendly paints and materials that have passed the required control and certification.

The highest quality materials for the manufacture of children's furniture are different species of natural wood, particle board and a modern high-quality plastics. It is desirable that crib had several control levels vysoty.Suschestvuet and other furniture, too expensive for the price, but which the child will use almost 10 years. This furniture-transformer with a complex system of transformation. Cot for the baby in the future turn into a couch or bed for a teenager, and changing table – in the chest lots of drawers. Remember that children's rooms should be comfortable, cozy, beautiful and enjoyable for their young people.

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