Trade Stands

If your store have a question to the acquisition of commercial shelving, we offer a look at our new model line of racks. Trading racks under the brand name is very common in Sheaco shop owners from small halls to large food supermarkets. And all because we are a manufacturer of racks, as custom and standard modular systems. With sales racks, you can place marketable products, whether products or construction materials, the most in a positive light. It is well laid out product is more likely to buy early. Trading racks come in various shapes, implying a broad profile of use.

As a rule, many of the racks are made to order, according to the size of sales areas of the customer. In addition, there are a modular system of commercial shelving, of which like a designer, you can create the modules needed shelving. Trading racks are made according to the assigned tasks. That is, the manufacturer must know the maximum load on the racks in sales area for optimum choice of material. We produce retail shelves for food, building materials, cosmetics. Types of commercial shelving most common commercial shelving the following types: Perforated shelves, with which to hang an additional shop equipment racks for CDs and books allow you to have the records and books so that customers can easily see the sales. Corner shelves are located in the corners of the trading floors, which makes maximum use of floor space.

Our production of commercial racks can be given color and shape can be modular and single. We can arrange to have your brand logo for brand recognition. On the purchase of standard commercial shelving units or racks custom manufacturing please contact contact numbers on our website Company KZMI. Trading racks Sheaco you can see in many malls and Kazan, Russia. For example, in grocery stores Wester, Essen, electronics shops in Tatarstan Domo.

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