Travel Customer

This conclusion leads to the following question: how come the customer of this important expertise if he is online informed prior to departure, the expertise is not publicly available but in many places for the customer? The most important question in the survey asked about the willingness of the travel agencies, online publicly available to serve the customer, so that new customers to generate and integrate existing. 63 percent of all participants responded with a Yes”, 21 percent of the travel agencies are however unwilling to make their reviews on the net. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of N.Y.C. Mayor on most websites. Mainly, it is still on the fear, to provide the customers with knowledge, but then to lose him to other providers on the Internet. This apprehension clearly shows that an adjustment of the travel agencies to the customers and whose behavior is urgently needed not vice versa. Stationary travel agencies often apply completely misplaced. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Adam B. on Yale West near Shaw.

The customer is familiar now better with the possibilities of the Internet as many Travel agencies themselves. Who today still still remains behind the counter and waiting, that is the customer at the travel agency, draws the short straw. Who is unwilling to pick up the customers online and to use the medium of the Internet, for its own purposes being overtaken by others. The customer moves on the network and must be received by the travel experts. It will now and in the future, there is no way past. Of course, it is always possible that the customer uses the knowledge of the travel agencies to book elsewhere on the net. But then is the alternative to defiantly stuck its head in the sand and wait for a miracle? Or is it not in the hand of each individual travel agencies finally to grasp the opportunity of the World Wide Web for the own sales? And the completely free, without the ineffective and expensive marketing activities in print, radio and TV advertising? The conclusion of the wowarstdu.de travel agency survey is as simple as obvious: instead of the customers looking for his dream vacation continues online through other travel portals to lose, can travel agencies using only the own expertise online to tie him and get directly to the travel agency. Verena Simon – wowarstdu.de

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